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Celebrity Makeup Artist Pati Dubroff Shares the Easy Makeup Look Anyone Can Pull Off

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Celebrity Makeup Artist Pati Dubroff Shares the Easy Makeup Look Anyone Can Pull Off

In our interview with Pati Dubroff, the makeup artist who works with major celebs (like Margot Robbie and Priyanka Chopra!), you’ll learn all about how much she loves our SPF-infused eye cream and discover super valuable makeup tips.

Pati Dubroff is one of the makeup artists that your favorite celebrities love to work with. Follow her on Instagram and you’ll see her beautiful work on big names like Laura Dern, Hailey Bieber and even Hillary Clinton. We had the lucky chance to catch up with her and chat all things sunscreen (of course!). We also got some wonderful everyday makeup tips from her and learned why she’s excited about the future of makeup.

What’s your morning routine like?

Mornings are really simple for me when it comes to skincare. I do the “heavy lifting” at night (cleanse, exfoliate, wear masks with AHA or glycolic acids interchanged).

Sometimes, in the morning, I’ll throw an under eye mask if I feel like I have extra baggage. But usually, after a splash of ice cold water, I just get right into putting on sunscreen, especially around the eye area, and then add a moisturizer.

How did you discover the importance of wearing sunscreen?

Since I have the type of skin that doesn’t burn easily and tans well, I did not take the recommendations from every dermatologist and facialist I have come across very seriously. I never liked the way sunscreen felt on my skin; it would often irritate me or even break me out. I also hated the white cast they would leave. Of course, I would wear it if I went to the beach or was doing sports outside midday, but not in everyday life.

Then, a few years ago, I started to notice some brown spots and realized the damage had already been done. That’s when I realized that I better start wearing it every day to hopefully stop more damage from occurring. Thankfully, I discovered Supergoop!, which is a sunscreen that feels more like skincare.

Now I make sure that my sunblock is applied almost every day. But it’s still a work in progress…for instance, when I traveled on planes, I never reached for the sunblock, but I’ve recently learned about how intense the UVA rays are inside the aircraft and now I make sure to wear it every time I fly.

What’s your favorite Supergoop! sunscreen?

I really love Bright-Eyed 100% Mineral Eye Cream SPF 40. I used to always avoid the eye area when I would apply sunscreen since most SPFs would irritate my eyes. I also thought you were supposed to avoid the eye area, so this area would get neglected in the protection department.

My under eye area has a lot of wrinkles and puffiness — it’s part genetics, but I did damage that I really regret. Bright-Eyed is a lifesaver and I’m so grateful that it’s now a part of my daily routine. It has a really pretty luminosity and the texture is great under concealer. I also love that it’s not too emollient so it doesn’t cause mascara and eye makeup to fall apart.

Do you teach your clients about the importance of wearing sunscreen?

Honesty, my clients over the years have taught me more about sun protection. I remember being in awe of Julianne Moore’s skin and listening to her explain how crucial sunscreen is in her routine.

But now I’ll definitely be sharing how important it is to protect the eye area, since I think that’s something many people had no idea about, just as I had no idea!

What’s an easy makeup look that anyone can pull off?

I’m all about skin looking like skin, so I like going minimal on the coverage to keep skin glowy. I truly believe if you take the time to make the skin look great the most minimal makeup can have a great impact.

After light foundation or CC cream, I would then add a nice flush of blush. It’s always important to give the brows some attention, especially if they’re not naturally full. And then, for everyday, I like to curl lashes, apply a generous coat of mascara and then have a focus on the lips.

What’s one of your favorite celebrity looks you’ve done and how can those at home recreate it?

One of my favorites was a look I did on Priyanka Chopra this past summer. It was a daring eye (she is a daring woman) that included an exaggerated black corner with a pop of neon pink in the center.

The shape and strong duo tone look is one that can be a great jumping off point for anyone trying to amp up their usual look. Instead of black and neon, try chocolate brown and gold, or taupe with a soft peach.

What makeup trends are you excited for in the future?

I love the “anything goes” spirit of now. Want to look like a unicorn? Go for it! Want to have a fresh face? Go for it! Want to wear glitter in the day? Go for it!

+What makeup artist should we interview next? Let us know in the comments!

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