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SPF Spotlight: CC Screen SPF 50

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SPF Spotlight: CC Screen SPF 50

We’re so excited to introduce you to the better-than-ever CC Screen SPF 50. This new formula has been three years in the making and it’s full of even better ingredients and way more inclusive shades.

What it is…

CC Screen is a lightweight “complete care” cream that offers treatment, coverage and protection. One layer provides you with instant luminosity. Add one or two more, and you’ll get beautiful, buildable coverage, too.

What makes it so super…

A groundbreaking formula for complete care for your skin, CC Screen SPF 50 comes in 15 flexible shades. It’s 100% mineral, and formulated with only clean and skin-nourishing ingredients. CC Screen SPF 50 is buildable enough to cover imperfections yet lightweight enough to deliver instant luminosity, plus it has daily broad spectrum protection for healthy skin, always. Basically, it’s your skin, made super!


What are the star ingredients?

  • 100% mineral, non-nano zinc oxide & titanium dioxide: Protects skin from UVA/UVB rays with broad spectrum SPF 50 

  • Apple extract: Helps skin appear smoother and delivers instant luminosity 

  • Irish Moss Extract: Helps reduce the visible effects of free radicals with vitamins and minerals to nourish your skin

The other big thing to know about the new CC Screen SPF 50 is what isn’t in the formula. We’ve made this formula the cleanest yet and have removed all cyclical silicones, particularly D4/D5. These are frequently used in skincare and cosmetics to create a silky, smooth texture, but there has been increasing research over the past few years that demonstrate their harmful impact on the environment.

Each and every ingredient in CC Screen is there for a reason and it’s one of the cleanest SPF formulas out there. It doesn’t contain PEGs, oil and it’s non-comedogenic, so every type of skin — from sensitive to acne-prone — can use it.

These new shades are exciting… can you tell me more?

Of course! We are super excited that CC Screen comes in 15 flexible shades. By flexible, we mean that these shades can “flex” and look great on different skin tones within the same shade range. The key to finding your perfect CC Screen shade is knowing your undertone, which is the color from underneath the surface of your skin that affects your overall hue. They tend tend be divided between cool, neutral, warm. You can use our handy Shade Finder to find your shade.

We also want to acknowledge that we know we have a way to go to be fully inclusive in our shade range. We spent years tweaking and improving our new CC Screen SPF 50 to include 15 flexible shades, without making sacrifices on a super clean, 100% mineral, non-nano zinc oxide formula. We know we have a way to go to include a full range of inclusive shades, and this is not the end of the journey for CC Screen. We’re working tirelessly to expand the shade range without compromising the formula, and we welcome you on our journey to creating an SPF for every single person


How do I wear CC Screen?

We suggest applying CC Screen as part of your SPF wardrobe, which is an “outfit” full of different SPF layers that add up to the full amount that’s needed for complete sunscreen coverage. CC Screen pairs wonderfully with our beauty base layers: Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40Glowscreen SPF 40 or Mattescreen SPF 40. Depending on which finish you want (natural, glowy or matte), CC Screen will add the extra dose of SPF you need and help even out and make your skin look extra super.

CC Screen’s formula is buildable, so you can use it more like a light concealer and apply one layer for light correction or build multiple layers for medium coverage. We know people tend to use less of a tinted moisturizer or foundation-type product, which is why we boosted the SPF number to SPF 50. This ensures that you get the highest SPF number, even if you apply a small amount.

Bottom line…

CC Screen SPF 50‘s new and improved formula has a higher, 100% mineral SPF, cleaner ingredients and 15 flexible shades. The creamy, light coverage formula makes it the ultimate multitasker to even out skin and ensure you’re getting the protection you need. CC Screen SPF 50 cares for your skin for today and tomorrow.

P.S. If you’re a fan of the old CC Cream and you’re wondering how the new CC Screen compares, click here.

+Have more questions about CC Screen? Leave them below and we’ll answer them!

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