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Expert sun protection. No compromises.

A higher standard of sunscreen since 2005

Since day one, we’ve held ourselves to a higher standard in order to change the way the world thinks about sunscreen. SPF is all we do, which is why we’ve been the Experts in SPF™ for nearly 20 years. Here’s how we make the magic happen.

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1. Superior Feel & Benefits

We’re always pushing the boundaries of what a sunscreen can be with totally unique textures and formats that feel amazing on your skin — say hello to SPF with no pilling, no heaviness and no white cast.

We continually change the game with groundbreaking industry innovations, like a vitamin C serum with SPF, a feel-good sunscreen mousse, an SPF powder for your hair part and the original sunscreen that doesn’t feel like sunscreen (our iconic bestseller, Unseen!).

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2. Efficacy & Transparency

All of our products are tested according to mandatory FDA regulations, and we go a step further to publish our SPF efficacy reports on

We have a board-certified dermatologist test every formula, so you can be sure your skin is getting expert-approved care.

We also test for additional skin benefits, including protection against UVA rays, water and sweat resistance, whether the product is non-comedogenic and more.

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3. Thoughtful Ingredients

We’ve always had a commitment to clean: Since day one, we’ve formulated without oxybenzone and parabens, plus all of our products are cruelty-free, non-irritating and vegan.

  • Our expertise in SPF has led to breakthroughs in sun protection, using effective sunscreen in entirely new ways to create formulas that become a seamless part of your daily routine

Sunscreen is only one part of a formula, so we take just as much care selecting the other 70-90% of ingredients to deliver added benefits to your skin while meeting the highest global standards

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4. Personalized Formulas

We create high-performance SPF for all skin tones, types and activities — including daily skincare, beauty and suncare solutions for face and body.

We have 40+ options so you can find one that feels like it was made for you (because it was!).

We work closely with dermatologists to identify emerging needs for skin cancer prevention and develop innovative solutions that improve suncare and support visibly healthier skin.

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5. Education & Advocacy

  • We were founded with a mission to change the way the world thinks about sunscreen and end the epidemic of skin cancer, and we are always working to help everyone, everywhere protect their skin daily
  • We advocate in state and federal government alongside NGOs to ensure that sunscreen is available for all skin types and tones

Through our Ounce By Ounce® sunscreen impact program, we serve communities by improving sunscreen access, education and advocacy with a goal of donating sunscreen valued at $1 million annually

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