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Why We Created Every. Single. Face. Watery Lotion SPF 50

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Why We Created Every. Single. Face. Watery Lotion SPF 50

After 17 years of changing the way the world thinks about sunscreen, inventing innovative formulas and spreading the word about the importance and benefits of wearing SPF daily, we’ve changed the sunscreen game yet again with our most universal, power-packed SPF yet. But how does a revolutionary sunscreen like Every. Single. Face. Watery Lotion SPF 50 come to be?

To answer that, we sat down with our VP of Product Development, Sofia Gracia, to break down the “why” of Every. Single. Face. Watery Lotion. Below, she dives into what creating this universal, undetectable new product means for Supergoop! and how it changes the sunscreen game. 

What was the inspiration behind creating Every. Single. Face.? 

Most people don’t wear SPF every day, and it’s usually because they a.) don’t know they’re supposed to, b.) know they’re supposed to, but don’t have the habit, or c.) don’t like the look or feel of sunscreen on their skin tone and/or skin type. 

So, to help even more people discover the benefits of wearing SPF, we set out to create a sunscreen that would help us deliver SPF to a population that isn’t thinking about SPF at all. We wanted to create an SPF that elevates your daily sunscreen – something versatile, that can fit seamlessly into any routine, while going above and beyond the average sunscreen, with a broad spectrum protection that covers all of your bases in one step. 

What sets Every. Single. Face. apart from our other fan favorite products like Unseen Sunscreen, PLAY Everyday Lotion & Mineral Sheerscreen? 

It’s really the fact that we’re introducing a brand new texture. We are reinterpreting what a weightless sunscreen formula could be! Unseen, PLAY and even Sheerscreen are all extremely lightweight, but they all have their own characteristics and appeal to different people. Unseen and Sheerscreen are primers with velvety and satin-y textures, so they’re great for people who wear makeup. PLAY is geared toward a more active lifestyle, and it has a more lotion-like texture, which makes it great for wearing on your body as well. 

We wanted to reinterpret “weightlessness” in a way that can be a little more universal and appeal to a broader audience, which is where the watery texture was born. It’s super lightweight and refreshing, a texture that truly appeals to everyone. Plus, it helps protect against a full spectrum of skin aggressors, including UVA/UVB rays, blue light, infrared radiation and pollution – something that not all our other lightweight sunscreens do.

Who is Every. Single. Face. ideal for? 

It’s truly for everyone. This isn’t a product we’re introducing to replace a step in your routine — instead, it’s intended to help take your SPF game to a new level by delivering a full spectrum of protection and using only clean ingredients that feel amazing on the skin, with no tackiness, greasiness or smelliness. It works on all skin types and tones, and it wears nicely under makeup and powders. Plus, it works great for those with facial hair – and because of that refreshing sensation it’s perfect as a post-shave SPF! 

We’re trying to give people a very simple, easy to understand, easy to incorporate solution to add UV protection into their routines. We know our Supergoop! community will love this new texture, but we also hope Every. Single. Face. will be adopted by those who have yet to join the SPF club! For everyone at the beginning of their SPF journey, we hope it will become their first daily SPF.

Why are you excited for people to try Every. Single. Face? 

We hope this product will encourage people to start that daily habit of wearing SPF, and enjoy doing so! It’s always been our goal to make a difference in someone’s skin health and that’s what gets me really excited because now it will be easier than ever for that to happen. By having a new option that simplifies things down, we’re minimizing the barrier to entry for people who want to wear SPF but are new to it. 

Every. Single. Face. really simplifies the concept of sunscreen while elevating it at the same time. This product delivers so many protective benefits and uses clean ingredients to do so. We created Every. Single. Face. to be the best “just an SPF” people can find!

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