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How to Make Wearing Sunscreen a Daily Habit, according to Dr. Wendy Wood

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How to Make Wearing Sunscreen a Daily Habit, according to Dr. Wendy Wood

Behold, pro tips on how to make wearing sunscreen a daily habit from an actual habit-forming expert and psychologist, Dr. Wendy Wood.

We’ve all had that moment when we wake up one day and decide that, no matter what, we are going to form a healthy habit. For some of us it may be as simple as drinking more water, but for others, it might have to do with taking better care of our skin. Which is exactly why our founder Holly created our brand…to make SPF-infused skincare and beauty products that people would actually want to wear every day.

But for this post, we want to spend some time talking about the actual psychology behind forming a habit. We consulted with a certified habit expert, professor of psychology at USC and author of Good Habits, Bad Habits, Dr. Wendy Wood, to provide you with clear and easy steps to habit forming…when it comes to wearing sunscreen in particular.

Tip #1: Consistency is key (apply SPF at the same place, at the same time).

This tip is pretty simple…and it’s really all about repetition being one of the main keys to successfully forming a habit.

“You want to keep your environment as stable as possible so that you’re developing your new habit in the same way, every day. This creates repetition so that it becomes almost automatic,” says Dr. Wood. “Just think about it…the inconsistency of applying SPF in your car, then at your vanity, then at the gym won’t do you any favors in the long run.”

So, let’s talk about some practical application here. Pick the same time (morning) and place (your bathroom mirror) to always apply your sunscreen. And to get even more prescriptive, it can even help to connect sunscreen with another kind of ritualistic habit you already do, like brushing your teeth. So brush your teeth, then apply your SPF!


Tip #2: Don’t add or subtract to your routine…instead, try an SPF swap.

Another game-changing tip Dr. Wood gave us was to evaluate your current morning routine and think about what step, or product, you can seamlesslyreplacewith sunscreen. “Research shows that people are most likely to adopt new products and use them consistently if it’s one that can directly take the place of something else they’re already using,” says Dr. Wood.

The simplicity of this really resonated with us, and luckily Supergoop! productsdowork double duty to make this tip super easy to adopt. For instance, if you’re looking at your current morning skincare lineup and want to replace your moisturizer with one that has SPF in it, we’ve got you covered with Zincscreen and Superscreen. Both formulated with broad spectrum SPF 40. Zincscreen works great as a 100% mineral option and Superscreen does wonders as a super hydrating clean chemical one.

If you’re a makeup-wearer and you’re thinking of replacing your primer with an SPF-infused one, then you’re all set with Unseen or Matte Screen. Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 is our award-winning SPF primer that gives skin a natural finish and provides an invisible, makeup-gripping canvas for any type of look you want to achieve. Matte Screen also has SPF 40 and is 100% mineral, making it a great choice if you prefer mineral sunscreens. It contains a translucent tint that helps blur the appearance of pores, as well as a matte finish that helps control oil and shine.

Tip #3: There’s magic incentive with SPF (better looking skin, fun formulas & more!).

One of the biggest setbacks when it comes to forming a healthy habit is not seeing immediate payoff from whatever it is you’re doing. “The things we tend to do repeatedly are the things that bring us instant gratification, and that’s why there’s such a big gap between what we should be doing and what we actually do,” says Dr. Wood.


“The things we tend to do repeatedly are the things that bring us instant gratification, and that’s why there’s such a big gap between what weshouldbe doing and what weactuallydo.”

Dr. Wendy Wood

So when it comes to making daily SPF a habit, stay focused on the immediate benefits. For Dr. Wood personally, she sees that her skin instantly looks and feels better when she wears Supergoop!. (We’re blushing!)

We’d also like to note that there are major long term benefits to wearing daily SPF, too. And even though you may not see these in your immediate future, you will see them over time…and if you can be patient enough to stick with SPF long enough to visibly see younger, healthier-looking skin staring back at you years from now in the mirror, then it’s so worth it.

“Finally, it also helps to figure out ways to make healthy habits more fun,” says Dr. Wood. Well, we’re obviously biased, but we think that’s pretty easy to do with Supergoop! SPF. For example, Bright-Eyed has an illuminating pink tint that instantly brightens your eye area! Unseen Sunscreen is totally invisible and everyone’s favorite SPF party trick! Shimmershade comes in four super dreamy, super shimmery shades! And that’s honestly just the beginning.

+Do you have any tips on how to make wearing sunscreen a habit, or any thoughts on the above habit-forming tips from Dr. Wood? We’d love to know about both, so share them in the comments below.

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