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Join our best-in-class campus ambassador program and start spreading sunshine at your college!

Why Join?

We’re searching for SPF-obsessed students to help us share the joy of happier, healthier-looking skin. By joining the Supergoop! Superstars, you can spread the word about the importance of suncare and earn A+ perks!

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1. Enroll in Class
Apply now for your chance to join our next class of Supergoop! Superstars!

2. Join Orientation

Attend our virtual onboarding and unbox a welcome package filled with everything you need for a super year.

3. Host, Post & Spread Sunshine

Throw on-campus events and share your love for Supergoop! on social media.

4. Enjoy Program Perks

We’re talking monthly SPF shipments, merch, discount codes, corporate mentorship and more!

All you have to do is spread the word about the importance of suncare by posting 1x per month on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube and hosting 2x events per school year!

What Are The Perks?

You’ll Receive:

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SPF & Merch

Monthly product shipments

Supergoods! merch

Insider access to upcoming launches, product drops and virtual events

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Discounts & Commission

10% discount code 

Personal affiliate link

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Career & Community Opportunities

Real-world career experience

Corporate mentorship from Troop

Access to a community of fellow
SPF-obsessed college ambassadors

A chance to inspire those around you
and change the way the world thinks
about sunscreen 

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Ready to join the Supergoop! Superstars?